Affiliate Program


Recommend products. Earn referral fees.

The Maxx affiliate marketing program helps affiliation partners to earn on sales achieved through their reference link provided by us.

You can use exclusive link/s created for the Affiliate and earn with qualified purchases.




  1. Sign Up

Register with Maxx to join several creators and start earning with our program.

  1. Start recommending

Share product recommendations with your audience through our customized links.

  1. Earn your reward

Earn with every purchase made through your link.



  1. What is the Maxx affiliate program?

Our affiliate program includes influencers, bloggers, content creators who inspire their followers/audience. The program is free to join. We help you earn from the products sold through your recommendation to your audience on purchases made through the exclusive link we provide you. 


  1. What are the requirements to apply?

Bloggers, content creators or publishers with a qualifying website/ app (reviewed and approved by Maxx team) can join our program.


  1. How will I earn in this program?

You earn when purchases are made through your exclusive link.


  1. How do I register to the program?

Sign up with the link provided above.  We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Where do I contact for more information?

Contact our affiliate program team at 


  1. What are the requirements to process a payment?

Bank account details, PAN Card ( for transactions above Rs 20,000/- ), a cancelled cheque, GST certificate copy if applicable to process your payment.


  1. If someone adds more than one product to their cart through the affiliate link, will I get paid just for the product link or everything in the cart?

Earn on total order value.


  1. Can I use paid ads on Facebook or Google to drive traffic?

No, you can’t run advertisements for the products from your end.


  1. When will I get paid?

The payments will be done on 7th Day of following month subject to TDS as per Law. detailed email with the number of orders, revenue and earnings will be mailed with payment advise.


  1. What if the customer returns or cancels the order?

No Earnings on cancelled or returned orders.


  1. Will my audience get any special offers, if they click on the link provided by me?

YES, between 5-10% Discount code will be linked to your exclusive affiliation link.


  1. What are qualified purchases for my earning?

Every purchase which is not returned / cancelled are considered as a qualified purchase.