Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy  

1 Year Warranty Policy 
Customer satisfaction is our outmost concern.

What is 1 year Warranty?
All Maxx Branded primary products are covered under 1 year warranty.
Warranty Period – 1 year from the date of Purchase established by TAX Invoice (GST Invoice).

Warranty Terms 

1. 1 Year warranty is applicable on Primary Product only & 6 Month on accessories (Charger, Battery )of Primary Product (from the date of purchase on the invoice) customer is able to produce/provide the valid Tax invoice (GST invoice).

2. incase customer is unable to provide the purchase Invoice (GST invoice), the 1 Year warrantywill start from the manufacturing date as printed on the product package (applicable on primary Product only except accessories) & 6 months warranty is applicable for accessories like charger/charging cable etc.

3. Concerns where only product parts cleaning due to dust gathering or not installing particular software are not to be interpreted as defects.

4. During the repairs of any part/s of the product, the same warranty will thereafter continue and remain in action only for the unexpired period of the warranty. The time consumed in transit and repairs whether under the warranty or otherwise shall not be excluded from the warranty period.

5. In case of any damages and misuse of the product detected by the authorized service center personnel, the warranty conditions will not be applicable and repairs will be done according to availability of parts and will be chargeable.

6. Maxx is not liable for any inconvenience, expense, loss or damage that may arise from use or inability to use the product. 

7. If any colored internal or external parts are to be repaired or replaced, we will make an effort to ensure that the color matches with the original components.

The replaced shades may vary from the customer's product due to continuous usage. Any components changed at customer's request will be on a chargeable basis except the component replaced under warranty.

The warranty is not applicable in the following cases:
1. Liquid / Physical Damage
2. external force damaged product – such as damages due to exposure to water, fire,
chemicals or weight crush damages etc. Received Defective Product
If the customer finds that the product is not functioning upon opening the product package, within the 7 days of purchasing the product the customer may contact customer care. Customer care team may request for a short 30 sec video to be sent on WhatsApp or a video call to understand the problem and provide appropriate support. The product will be checked as per Maxx approved technical parameters and policies.