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Thank you for choosing our product and becoming a new member of Maxx community. Your choice
is important to us. Hope that we will bring you a good experience through our products and services.

A. If the product is purchased from www.smart-maxx.com warranty is automatically


For claiming the warranty, please call our customer care support and provide –
(i) The phone number / EMAIL ID registered at the time of placing the order
Our customer support team will help you in processing the warranty claim,

B. If the product is purchased from any other marketplace like Amazon , Flipkart, Retail shop


For claiming the warranty –
(i) Please register on our website in the form given below or
(ii) Please call our customer support team and provide the invoice of the product.

Please Note:
1. If the Tax invoice with valid GST No. is provided – 1-year warranty will be considered from
the date of the purchase.
2. If the Tax invoice is not provided - 1-year warranty will start from the date of manufacturing
of the product as mentioned on the packaging box of the product.

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